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Magnificent Domelessness

Despite appearances and infrequent updates, I’ve been continuing to work on the new version of this site, a project which, sadly, got derailed for a few weeks for reasons I won’t bother to bore you with at the moment, and which may still take a bit of fiddling before it’s finalised.

In the meantime, I stumbled across a video today at Giant Freakin Robot during a break in working on a journalism project which I felt needed re-posting here. The video, not the journalism project.

Long time visitors to this small, dark Time Out Chair will no doubt recall that one of my biggest irritations with the ridiculous theory of ancient invisible glass domes soaring hugely into space from the lunar surface put forth by certain less than informed individuals, whose names I’ll not bother to mention because they simply annoy me to even type them out any longer, is that they continue to point out, as so-called unequivocal evidence of their absurd notions, certain frames from Apollo mission photography which would appear to show massive crystalline structures…

Unbelievably massive domes just soaring like vast soaring things over the surface of the moon, yet unseen but to the most sagacious inquisitor

…but which, when adjacent frames in the various sequences are seen, more often than not prove to simply be a matter of a staggering inability to recognise the common bright-light photography phenomena called lens flare…

Sadly the enigmatic magic domes do not sparkle in direct sunlight, unlike Edward Cullen

Some people – not you, of course – have questioned the veracity of my contention. And in further defence of my stance, as it’s rather unlikely for me to show you first-hand from the surface of the moon itself precisely what I mean, I offer the video below for the express purpose of directing your esteemed attention – and, yes, I mean both of you – to the first segment, running approximately between the 24-second mark and continuing on through roughly the 55-second mark. This, by the way, is the same video which Giant Freakin Robot linked to from, unfortunately aren’t capable of creating a simple video link or an embed code at all compatible with WordPress, so I’ve embedded the YouTube link in its place. Do you care? Of course not.

However, even with no sun directly visible in frame, the Ebb spacecraft’s forward-facing (or up-sun angle) camera is subjected to a fairly typical display of lens flare which, in several places, mirror exactly the sort of lighting anomalies being emptily paraded about as conclusive proofs of enormous ancient glass domes we can’t see because they are invisible.

You decide…

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