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New Digs

So finally, as promised, here’s the new site.

There are going to be glitches along the way, to be sure, so you might as well just accept them and get on with it. Moving some 400-odd posts from one place to another means, of course, that you will sporadically encounter broken links, strange fiddly bits, errant anomalies, and some swearing, as only about half of the old posts have been fully updated. It will be a slow process to get everything sorted, but eventually everything will turn out for the best. Besides, what good relationship doesn’t have its occasional kinks?

If you find anything spectacularly wrong, visit the Ministry of Relative Interest and let me know. Or not.



There appears to have been a glitch with commenting which, I hope, has been fixed now. I had, be default, checked the option to only allow comments form registered users of this blog as a means of cutting back on the spam I was getting from one particular site about fifty times a day. If there’s still a problem, let me know.

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