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Because You Care

lackeyThough it is likely apocryphal to some degree, it is said that medieval mariners, when rendering maps of places they’d travelled on their marvellous journeys, would mark unknown, unexplored, or potentially dangerous regions with the Latin phrase hic sunt dracones — here be dragons.

And then they would have these little drawings of dragons as a visual reinforcement, just in case the whole statement warning of dragons was somehow unclear. Or in case someone looking at the map was unable to read Latin. Or was unable to read.

So here be dragons, the wee bits of information which, if left unknown and unexplored, probably wouldn’t allow you to sleep more than ten or twelve hours at a single go, or force you to scour the entire contents of this blog to figure out for yourself in rather a tedious and time consuming manner.

You will find here rather a jumbled assemblage of random thoughts regarding, in no particular sort of order and sometimes thrown uncomfortably together, literature, writing, theatre, alternative history, linguistics, metaphysics, etymology, ancient history, science, landscaping, useless trivia, cultural anthropology, cryptozoology, quite a bit of television, culinary arts, speculative science, films and film making, music, psychology, parapsychology, loads of conspiracy theory, a bit of philosophy, some malt whiskey, a great deal of whinging about personal matters — the usual stuff: life, love, and other minor mishaps — and, of course, more cowbell…

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