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In Other New’s

Nothing screams podunk louder than Exquisitely Lame News. Except for when it is accompanied by the even louder cry of the Linguistically Challenged. Case in point, this monstrosity – a little something I stumbled across whilst checking for a weather report earlier today…


‘Fly’s?’  Really?  Not just once but three times? You couldn’t have figured out by the third time that you’d missed out two of the five letters needed in proper sequence to make this correct? Was there not a point at which you cocked your head quizzically aside and furrowed your brow, realising something was amiss? Was there no spell check available to you? Was there no-one round to suggest a fleeting microsecond of proof-reading?  Is anyone else but me perplexed by the apparent imponderable of how someone like this works for a news organisation and I don’t?  Needless to say I could not let this lie and was forced to leave our man Steve a comment…










Better Left Unsaid

No. Really.

Insert Innuendo Here

(Context Irrelevant)

‘Well here’s the hole. I don’t see why it can go at least four inches…’

‘It’s my sister. She comes about once a year…’

‘I’d like a smaller box…’

‘If I hold it open would it go in easier…?

‘That’s better than I thought it’d be…’

‘I think it looks better than it usually tastes…’

Proofreadng 101

Shortly after Valentine’s Day, when I was still in exile in the ‘hood, we got a stack of these nice glossy 5×8 cards for an upcoming local event. They were dropped off by a business-woman who was one of the primary co-ordinators. She was very excited about the project and spoke proudly of her efforts and of the involved men, who ‘be all hot and shit,’ and of the unfailingly good time promised for all.

I had no idea what it was about me that made her think I was even remotely interested in how ‘all hot and shit’ these men ‘be,’ but I accepted the cards and her jubilant commentary with a tactful nod and said ‘Huh. Well. Okay.’  And I told her that I would set them out for customers to take.

After that I didn’t give them another thought, other than to continue to nod tactfully when female customers would begin ogling them and ask if they could take one. Or two. You know, for a friend.  Otherwise I would glance at them periodically and laugh at the pretentious Village People-esque nature of the presumably flatulent ‘Quiet Storm’ and the oddly no-named Cowboy dude.


Several days before the big event, the proud business-woman returned, enquiring if we needed more cards to hand out. I told her ‘Yes’ only to facilitate her rapid departure. And then she asked if she could leave free tickets to the show. Again, hoping to speed her exit, I agreed and went about my work.

As one might expect of anything labelled ‘free,’ the tickets disappeared rather quickly – often times by the handful – as interested customers, some of them even women,  grabbed them in hurried anticipation, though anticipation of ‘scalping’ them at the show or of simply handing them out to needy friends I cannot say.

It wasn’t until almost a week later, as I was throwing away all the left-overs scattered throughout the lobby area, that I did a double-take at the free ticket.  I suppose it hardly mattered by then but I kind of felt bad for the person who not only flaunted their stupidity for all to see but then copied and handed it out by the hundreds…