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So Where Was I..?

I wanted to take a moment and apologise for the lack of updates. I decided, since the previous entry, that I needed to take a break from writing – not just here, but everywhere. That’s not to say I don’t write anything at all, that would be virtually impossible. My shitty, soul-crushing job requires me to write almost constantly on whatever random scrap of paper I can locate. And I still have to make To-Do lists for myself, and scratch out the odd vitriolic note stuck to poorly parked vehicles in car parks. But I needed to take a step back from actual process of creating and find some sort of motivation again. It’s not always simple.

It probably wouldn’t surprise either one of you to know that I tend to suffer very unpleasant bouts of fairly deep depression, and the past year has just been an inexplicably brutal one on the personal front. I’m not going to dive into long details about it at the moment. I will, eventually, sprinkle those glittery dashes of faerie dust amongst the usual bits of rambling, but not just now.

For now I simply wanted to drop in, have a look round, dust things off, clear some of the spiderwebs, and start getting things back in order. I’ve realised that I need this little Time Out chair more than I thought. And depending upon whether or not you’re still popping back on occasion to see what the fuck is taking me so long, that could be a very good thing or a very bad thing…




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