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Brief Nerdity

Friday afternoon my work-wife, Rachel, preparing to take her lunch break, asked me how I was planning to spend Christmas. I told her I had a date with a 6-pack of high quality beer and some Doctor Who.

‘You are so strange,’ she shook her head slowly.

‘Strange?’ I was mystified. ‘Matt Smith is going to regenerate into Peter Capaldi! That’s a cultural imperative! It’s compulsory!’

‘You know that nobody else watches the weird things you watch,’ she said. ‘That’s why you’re still single.’

‘No,’ I countered. ‘There are a lot of reasons I’m single, or so I’m lead to believe by the other women I know, but watching Doctor Who is certainly not one of them. At least not that I’m aware of.’

Just then a middle aged couple approached our work area, enquiring as to the location of the spray paints. I directed them to the aisle and asked what sort of project they were working on. The woman looked slightly embarrassed and waved a hand absently in the air.

‘Oh it’s just a bookcase for our daughter,’ she laughed. ‘A surprise gift for Christmas.’

‘It’s got to be the right blue colour,’ added her husband, staring at his iPhone screen. ‘But we’re not sure which one to pick.’

‘Unfortunately,’ I told them, ‘you’re going to be limited to a fairly small amount of choices in the spray paint.’

‘Oh no, the woman said. ‘The spray paint is for the sign above the door.’

‘I see.’

‘It’s silly, really.’ The woman laughed nervously. ‘We’re building something from a TV programme and it has to be very specific.’

I tilted my head. ‘You’re building a TARDIS.’

The woman’s eyes flew open and her husband looked up from his cell phone. ‘How did you know?’ he asked.

‘Sign above the door made out of Perspex, box a specific shade of blue,’ I explained. ‘All seems very Doctor Who to me.’

‘Oh, thank god!’ the woman laughed. ‘I thought I was going to sound like an idiot if I had to explain it.’

‘I don’t suppose you know the right colour blue,’ the husband asked.

‘Pantone 2955c,’ I said.

They looked at each other and then back at me. I thought the woman was about to cry. ‘I’m so glad we met you!’

For the better part of the next hour, the couple and I pored over details of the TARDIS, both exterior and interior, once they’d determined that it was Matt Smith’s TARDIS they wanted to replicate. We discussed the 50th anniversary episode, the film An Adventure in Space and Time, the surprise of seeing John Hurt as a previously unknown Doctor, the anticipation of the Christmas special and the regeneration, all whilst picking colour selections from our samples and matching them to images brought up on our individual cell phones.

As they left, Rachel was just returning to the desk from her lunch break.

‘You just got done helping them?’ she baulked, as if the very notion of spending more than 5 minutes with a customer was unheard of.

‘Yep,’ I said. ‘We had to pick out TARDIS colours.’

‘Tar-what colours?’

‘They were Doctor Who fans and wanted to build a TARDIS bookcase.’

‘I have no idea what the hell you’re even talking about right now,’ she said.

‘And that’s how I win.’

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