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Promises, Promises

A little over a year ago, whilst in the process of transferring this blog from its previous location, I spent a great deal of time clearing away the old detritus of dead links and so on – all the inevitable and irrelevant bits which tend to pile up over time – as well as fixing and reformatting every post I’d made since this whole mess began oh so long ago. In order to keep track of my progress, which, as you may well imagine, was incredibly labour intensive, I catalogued each entry in a Word document. In doing so, I realised there were some topics on which I’d promised to post additional information and then, very like Richard C Hoagland, founder of The Enterprise Mission, recipient of an Angstrom Medal, former science advisor to CBS News and Walter Cronkite, author of The Monuments of Mars, co-creator of the ‘Pioneer Plaque,’ originator of the ‘Europa Proposal,’  and principal investigator of The Enterprise Mission, never actually followed up with anything.

Although I neither typically nor historically make resolutions for new years, I will, however, vow to begin to make good on those earlier promises. Because I know how important these things are to the two of you. It’s why you come back year after year and stare endlessly at the same posts and think, Useless twat.

This means the long alluded-to Coffeehouse tale will at last be told eventually, the epic next chapter of That’ll Do Pig will occur at some point, and then some other things as well.


I mean it.


In the fullness of time…

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