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Benefit Analysis

In continuing to seek a job which does not crush my will to live, I have applied quite a number of times to a local company whom I shall not name because they have simply annoyed me with their Wall of Silence but which might sound as though it could start with a ‘V’ sound and end with something similar to ‘era Bradley.’ After years of having struggled with alcoholism and being fired from every job he’d ever had, a long-time friend of mine got a position with this company the day after he walked out of rehab. And yet, with far more experience than he could ever hope to have, every application I have submitted has been resoundingly ignored and my telephone enquiries to their answerphone go unreturned.

Recently they posted a position for their e-commerce division which, amongst other basic duties, included proof-reading. I believe I am simply going to copy the image below (culled from a stop at the other day) and attach it to an email in lieu of a formal application…




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