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In Other New’s

Nothing screams podunk louder than Exquisitely Lame News. Except for when it is accompanied by the even louder cry of the Linguistically Challenged. Case in point, this monstrosity – a little something I stumbled across whilst checking for a weather report earlier today…


‘Fly’s?’  Really?  Not just once but three times? You couldn’t have figured out by the third time that you’d missed out two of the five letters needed in proper sequence to make this correct? Was there not a point at which you cocked your head quizzically aside and furrowed your brow, realising something was amiss? Was there no spell check available to you? Was there no-one round to suggest a fleeting microsecond of proof-reading?  Is anyone else but me perplexed by the apparent imponderable of how someone like this works for a news organisation and I don’t?  Needless to say I could not let this lie and was forced to leave our man Steve a comment…










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