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Moose Boosh: Celebrity Knock-Off 3

I was reading for an anthropology exam most of the evening and realised, at just a few minutes before 10pm, that Finding Bigfoot was about to start. Yes, that’s how I roll, if you haven’t figured that one out by now. Without thinking, I grabbed the remote and switched on the television just in time to witness Taylor Dayne expressing confusion over a little something she called ‘Moosh boosh.’

‘A little welcoming bite,’ Rachael Ray clarified.

‘A small, all-encompassing, one bite appetiser,’ Guy elaborated, as though ‘A little welcoming bite’ wasn’t clarification enough.

‘Huh,’ I said, punching in the numbers for Animal Planet.  ‘You learn something new every day. And yet I still hate this fucking programme.’

fn-giada-Discovering that amuse-bouche is another term for hors d’oeuvres or ‘a small, all-encompassing, one bite appetiser’ was fascinating in the same way I find it fascinating that Food Network haven’t shelved this Worst Celebrity Cook atrocity yet.  But I did find rather a strangely arousing  picture of Giada gently gripping and tugging a firm shaft of pasta…









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